jul 30 2011: gediminas ave., vilnius, lithuania

former mayor of vilnius artūras zuokas, using a btr-60 armoured personnel carrier demonstrates how he will not tolerate cars parked in bike lanes.

"next time, park your car legally."

and he's not wearing a helmet!

sep 2 2015: 1st and manitoba

feb 16 2015: cambie and 49th

sent in by Sarah: "This was the 2nd week this lane was blocked on Cambie just south of 49th Ave, shortly after the intersection, before there's a chance to re-route."

aug 28 2014: n grandview hwy and clark

truck blocking two lanes. cyclist riding on sidewalk. car driving on wrong side of street. sigh.

summer 2014: 1st

two vehicles in the bike lane, one obviously within 6m of the crosswalk. the police van carefully passes and lets them be.

may 2014: 1st

i love how this cop is admiring from a distance, thinking, "what a beautiful spot to pull someone over."

these cars are just doing a conga line, diagonally across the bike lane

may 2014: 8th and blanca

unannounced construction

apr 22 2014: 1st and main

there is a lot going on here: construction on both sides, the eastbound bike lane disappears (you can see two cyclists taking the lane), a big pile of earth in the road and cops parked in the westbound bike lane

april 13 2014: west vancouver

every single day on my commute, i see people driving unsafely. it seems the mere sight of a cyclist riding assertively and respectfully causes a knee-jerk reaction in some people. part of the reason is that police are mostly car drivers too. there is little enforcement of traffic laws against car drivers driving like idiots on bike routes. instead of making the roads safer, police officers (like this one using his vehicle as a weapon) work to keep non-motorized road users in line. their job is not safety, but enforcement of the status quo.

april 15 2014: 1st

this guy parked in the bike lane is putting on his suit

april 15 2014: 8th and trimble